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Descriptive Analytics:

To describe and understand customer and prospect behaviour

  • Customer Segmentation, Personas and Profiling
    • Segmentation you can actually use
  • Product Category Structure Analysis
    • Find out how your market really works


Diagnostic Analytics:

Break down complexity to reach understanding

  • Model-driven Campaign Evaluation
    • Today’s complex, fast moving marketing require a better approach to post-analysis
  • Enterprise Sales Diagnostics
    • Quantify the factors that drive your results; give better guidance to your CEO and CFO

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Predictive Analytics:

Accuracy you can count on to build better results

  • Predictive Modeling
    • Accurate, robust, insightful, actionable
  • Lift Modeling
    • For marketing communication, quantify the incremental outcome your next communication touch will create
  • Integrated Cross-sell/Up-Sell/Retention Modeling
    • Know where your customers are headed, before they do
  • Advance Warning
    • Forecast sales and variation to plans with enough lead time to be able to do something about it

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Prescriptive Analytics:

The right decisions to get to the right results

  • Ad-Catalyst
    • Measure, Predict, and Optimize complex omnichannel marketing
  • Lifetime Value Analysis
    • Measure the value that your customer relationships create for your company
  • 1:1 Optimization
    • Taking 1:1 marketing to a whole new level of relevance for customers, effectiveness for your company

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Cognitive Analytics:

Machine learning for better results

  • Navigation ME’s Automated Predictive Modeling System (APMS)
    • Technology that learns at the speed of your business