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My company needs to better deliver results against our marketing spend. How can you help?Our Ad-Catalyst product is designed to do exactly that.  Ad-Catalyst is delivering up to a 35% improvement in the effectiveness of marketing communication.
What is the real ROI on my ad spend?Today’s complex, fast moving, omnichannel marketing requires analytics that can give you clear answers for questions such as this.  Custometrics can provide you with a solid, decision-sciences based foundation for these answers, and a prescription for you to make better decisions on your next campaign.
How should I allocate my budget between on and offline media?Navigation ME quantifies the impact of each channel you use, both on and offline.  Then, we develop a customized Optimization process that drives this learning into future campaigns.
I’m using modeling for 1:1 communication, but still can’t get the results I want. Can you help?Sometimes the issue is not in the model but how the model drives…or doesn’t…difficult decisions about how to allocate customers to channels, offers, messaging and products.  Our 1:1 Optimization product is designed to take marketers to a how new level of effectiveness.  This product builds on our extensive expertise in the field of optimization. Essentially, this model determines the best combination of products, messaging, offers, channels and timing to build the maximum profit possible across the full range of customer relationships your company manages. This product has delivered an over 90% improvement in profit of such campaigns when tested against traditional campaign management tools.
What are my customers worth and how can I use this knowledge to gain competitive advantage?Our LTV Analysis can answer the first part of this question; then the answers can be fed into an Optimization model custom designed to support these decisions.
I am using an attribution software package but am not confident in the results it is showing.  Is there a better way?We think so.  At Navigation ME, we quantify the contribution of every channel of communication to sale changes.  Importantly, our attribution can be validated against real world experience, unlike some attribution tools currently in market. Even better, our work incorporates not only online channels but offline ones too, and not only communication touches but other factors that may also influence sales. The result? Attribution you can believe in.
Our company uses Smart Mail Marketing from Canada Post. How can you help?Navigation ME is proud to be among the inaugural members of Canada Post’s Data Partners program, designed to bring our technology and skills to the table to work with SMM clients to get better results, at less risk, and with easier tools to plan with.

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